The best sport in Sweden

21 02 2010

As you know a lot of swedish people are lazy, so I think the most common sport would be drinking beer or maybe TV zapping!?

Luckily, these sports go hand in hand with real sports like ice-hockey or football (not american football). If I were to guess I’d say that those two are the two most common sports in Sweden, but which one is the biggest?

I don’t really know but it’s probably football (like the rest of the world). However, of the two I prefer ice-hockey which also is the sport that’s been the most successive for sweden during the past with eight world championship gold medals.

For the moment the swedish team are playing in the winter olympic-games and they have good chances of winning! At least that’s what the swedes want’s to believe… Will they win or not, that’s something the future will decide!

At the top there’s a logo featuring the best ice-hockey team in Sweden, Frölunda Indians from Gothenburg! Click it to see the current players.


Those Who Fear

20 02 2010

One thing about swedes is their behavior while surfing the web or reading e-mails.
If I would send a mail to one of my friends that look like this, what do you think he would do with it, what would you do with it?


Hello dear friend!

I found a fantastic site with a lot of nice pictures. I’m sharing it with you since you are my best friend, check it out!

Have a nice day, hope to see ya soon!



I think most swedes wouldn’t press the link to the ”interesting site”. I mean c’mon, whats the big deal, what could happen? Sure, it might’ve been a site that tries to steal your password for facebook, credit-card numbers and more. But I’m your friend and all, and you still don’t trust me?

This is a common treat among swedes, always suspicious and scared for viruses, malware and phishing attacks.

Now for the final test, do you trust me enough to press the link?

The Real Deal

17 02 2010

Here in swden we have a lot of things, or words, that’s exclusive for our country.
Like I wrote yesterday, when students reaches the högstadium (upper primary school) a lot of them starts to smoke, take drugs, drink alcohol, sex and a lot of other nasty things that’s not suitable for small children.

The Swedish government decided to try to stop one of these in 1955, the alcohol, by founding Systembolaget (Systemcompany) which is the only store in sweden to sell my favorite beverage, beer… At least the real deal.

There are four different kinds of beer in sweden, and the first three is sold at the local food-stores.

Nonalcoholic beer, as the name implies this is a beer without alcohol. It doesn’t taste beer at all, I think it contains mostly water. It’s only drinkable if you’re in absolute need of beer and have to use a car in the close future.

Lättöl (Lightbeer), contains up to 2.25% alcohol and taste the same as the nonalcoholic beer, water. This beer is made for TV-commercials, since it’s against the law to make adverts for drinks containing more than 2.25% alcohol in Sweden. The only one who buys this kind of beer are small children who wants to be coll like the big boys.

Folköl, this beer doesn’t have any equivalent outside of sweden and therefore there’s not a english word for it. A direct translation could be ”people beer” or ”public beer”. Anyway, this beer contains 2.25 – 3.5% alcohol and is like the previous two sold at foodstores. But with one big difference, the buyer has to be 18 years old. The taste of it is a lot better than the nonalcoholic and light beer, but it still lacks the essence of normal beer. This is what I’d call an emergency beer, something that you buy at the foodstore if you’re in a hurry. It’s also a bit more expensive than normal beer.

Starköl (Beer), finally, we’ve reached the real deal! This is the beer that everyone knows and loves. It contains more than 3.5% alcohol with no top limit! It tastes terrific, it smells nice and it even feels nice to hold a botttle of it!

However, this is where things get difficult. Since there’s enough alcohol to get drunk from it, the evil lords of the systembolaget is the only ones who are alowed to sell it. Ok, that’s not a problem, I’m 18, I’ve reached my age of majority. However, that’s not enough! To buy this beer you’ll have to be 20! So I’m still treated like a child! I may be allowed to go to a pub and drink beer when I’m 18, but I can’t buy a beer for tonights football match!

What’s the point of reaching the age of majority if you’re not even treated as an adult?

If you think this is wrong, do like me and join the swedish facebook group ”18 on Systembolaget”

At last, i picture I took at the local church from last sunday showing my favorite beer:

Back in school!

16 02 2010

I’m back from the skiing trip in Åre which was absolutely fantastic! so now I’m Back in school. So I thought it might be wise to explain how the swedish schoolsystem works.

A lot of swedish people are very lazy. At our freetime we’re just spending time indoors alldaylong while watching TV, surfing the web,  eating pan-pizzas, drinking beer etc. I don’t really find this behaviour so strange, since there’s blizzards, freezing winds and polar bears outside of our houses. It’s simply not worth the effort to go outside when you live in these inhuman conditions.

This lazyness even reflects school. In sweden we start school when we’re 7 years old, which I think is far to late. It’s a waste of time if you ask me.

The compulsory school is divided in three steps:

Lågstadium, which is the first three years. In these three years you learn next to nothing, some simple math and the different letters.

Mellanstadium, covers the 4th to 6th grades. These years are a little bit more necesary. You’ll study a whole range of subjects, like english, geography, history and more advanced math involving multiplication and divition.

At last, Högstadium, the last three years that is compulsory. These three years covers the 7th to 9th grades. This is the place were people start to get realy lazy. The students precense in school get low as todays economy, and a lot of people tries out sex, drugs and rock n’roll (and o lot more) It’s just a big joke, nor serious school at all.

So that’s the compusory school. Which lately been critizised by one of the swedish parties, ”folkpartiet” who calls it the ”fuzzy school”. Hopefully they’ll be able to fix this problem in the future.

After the compulsory school you’ll have to possibility to start working as a cleaner, McDonalds employe, or something else that gives you next to nothing as your monthly salary.

Even thou people tend to be lazy most of us is smart enough to start the secondary school, gymnasiet.
This education is like  the previous, three years long but with one difference, you’ll have to choose what kind of education you want to focus at. I’ve chosen a nature/flight engineer orientation at Hässlögymnasiet, which teaches me all about aviation and science.

Even after going thru secondary school it’s nearly impossible to get a job, so the next step is university or college with is the same as in other countries.

But best of all about the swedish school, it’s all free!

Where do swedes travel?

10 02 2010

Since Sweden is a very cold country with too much snow, you might think that the people who live here is longing for some hot tropical weather. Most people do. But in some cases we swedes prefer to travel in our own country for some skiing in the cold, northern parts of sweden (read, above Gothenburg) where only wild, brutal animals dares to dwell.

This part of Sweden is called Norrland and is one of three collaterative provinces across the country. The other two, Svealand (Stockholm), and Götaland (Gothenburg) are about the same size as Norrland combined.

However, I’m one of those cold bastards who are about to go for a holiday in the ”land with no return”, and I’m going tomorrow. My classmates, Kevin and Malin will join me and a bunch of other people from my school.

So tommorow, seven in the morning, we’ll take a bus for a 640km (400miles) trip to the famous city of Åre. According to google maps the trip will take about eight and a half hour to get there, without any breaks. So I guess we’re going to spend most of the day in a boring bus.

Anyway, I’ll be back with some impresions about Åre when I’m there!

Welcome to my new blog!

8 02 2010

Hi! My name is Christopher, but my friends call me Alf, since my last name is Alfredsson (70% of us swedes has a name ending with ”son”) and both my first name and surname is too long to pronounce, so just Alf is enough.

Anyway, welcome to my blog! This is going to be a blog about the cold country of the darkest corners of northern europe, Sweden.

Some say that the ice-bears likes to have cocktail parties here during the winter and that the penguins comes here to mate at the ice hotel up in the town with the name that’s impossible to pronounce – Jukkasjärvi. It’s also common knowledge that all we have is some rusty Volvos, snow, IKEA, great ice-hockey teams, and more snow.

But sweden is so much more than snow and ice. We also have warm summers, fantastic nature, great nightlife and of course, the swedish women.

With this first blog entry I’m going to start with a great tip that will make your trip to sweden unforgettable. I’m talking about the best sweden has to offer – Metaltown.

Metaltown, swedens greatest festival which gives you a two day summer experience of intense heat, sweat and a lot of heavy-metal from all around the world! This summer will be even more unforgettable than the last with great artists like Rammstein, Dark Tranquility and the swedish kings, In Flames!

I can highly recommend this festival as a first-time experience  of sweden. After the festival, you’ll have the chance to walk around in the streets of Gothenburg, which I think is my absolute favorite city in sweden!