The Multicultural Sweden

1 03 2010

Here in Sweden, just as in any nation, we have our special
traits. However, it’s impossible to generalize a whole country, especially for Sweden which is a very multicultural country thanks to the high amounts of immigration. Some are against it, but if we didn’t have immigration, Sweden wouldn’t be the country it is today and most of us would still be eating meat with potatoes and brown sauce.

So I think it’s wrong to say that all Swedes loves sports, that all of us are blond, that we’re rich, good-looking and so on. It may have been easier to generalize like that back in the 50:s, but today it’s impossible to do something like that! Some of us likes sports, a few of us are blond, we’re practically unable to get rich because of high taxes and a small part of us are very good-looking. It’s like some of us Swedes thinks that all Mexicans wears sombreros, that Englishmen drinks tee at one o’clock or that all Americans eats McDonald’s four times every day. None of this is obviously true.

It’s just like the rest of the world, every individual is special in their own way and it’s a waste of time to believe the opposite. At least that’s my opinion.

Swedish sign in Swedish, English, Russian and Arabic.





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