The Real Face of Sweden

28 02 2010

The most northern countries in Europe are called ”The Nordic Countries”, which includes Denmark, Finland, Norway and of-course Sweden. As seen on the picture below with official borders:

But here in Sweden, especially in the middle of the country, we’ve long known that the official maps do not show where the real borders are located. First of all, Norrland the most northern part of Sweden do not belong to Sweden. It belongs to mother nature itself along with the bears and the snow. It’s also located above Stockholm, so it’s really not that interesting. Unless you want to die in an avalanche or freeze to death.

”We shall not disturb thou hungry beasts, but let them dwell by their own in the darkest woods.”

Quote from me, which proves that people shouldn’t even live up in the north.

Anyway, that explains why Norrland do not really belong to Sweden, but what about the most southern parts of Sweden?

Down there, especially in Malmö Sweden’s 3:rd biggest city, they think that they belong to Denmark!? They even have their own flag, which is a mix between Swedens and Denmarks flag! The name of this southern part is Scania.

The reason for this goes way back to the 16th century, 1525 to be correct,  when Sweden and Denmark were at war.

The farmers were very unpleased with the Swedish king, maybe for high taxes, low salaries, bad food or low mobile reception. I guess they all had their own reasons to do a very bad decision. They betrayed the Swedes and fought for the Danes!

They would soon realize their mistakes, or at least their children would. In 1664 the Swedish king decided to take back what belonged to him. After a violent battle with a lot of dead people, and an after work beer, Sweden could finally claim Scania as their own! However, even today a lot of people in Scania still believes that they live in Denmark! Should we call them Danes or Swedes?

Just so you know, if you want to talk about Scania with a Swede, I don’t really know why you would, use the swedish name Skåne, you don’t want to mix it up with the famous truck brand…





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