The Great Music of Sweden

27 02 2010

Sweden is widely known for it’s exceptional music qualities. When somebody mentions Sweden while talking about music, most people comes to think of ABBA, an aged music group that were very famous in the dark ancient times, namely the 70’s. They became famous with their entry in 1974s Euro-vision Song Contest, Waterloo. The band was brutally shattered in 1983 when people finally realized that AC/DC was better to listen to.

Here’s a video showing ABBA – Lay All Your Love On Me:

I guess nobody who just listened to this song for the first time would be impressed. But have in mind that the song is 30 years old… That’s why I’m also posting a great cover on the same song from one of my favourite bands, Avantasia. Can you hear the magnificent difference?

However, I’m not writing this to complain on ancient Swedish music, instead I’m going to tell about all the new music that is worth listening to.

First off, I’m not the guy who likes the pop-music playing on the radio everyday. I’m more like an ”outsider” who prefers the music from the deepest and darkest depths of Sweden.

In Europe’s heavy-metal capital, Gothenburg, a lot of great band are born.
Here’s some well-known examples, click them for a link to a music-video:

Dark Tranquility
Dead by April
Evergrey (Favourite band)
Hardcore Superstar
In Flames

And that’s just some of my favourites! However, Gothenburg isn’t Europe’s heavy-metal capital just for it’s fantastic bands. It’s for the all the amazing concerts . I took a look at one of Sweden’s biggest ticket reseller, ticnet, and found out that if I were to pay for all the concerts I wanted to go to it would cost me  about 20 000 Swedish crowns (2000 Euro) this year! That doesn’t include food or travelling fee’s!

So basically, Gothenburg really is the best city in whole Sweden, maybe even Europe?





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