Mother Natures Fury

27 02 2010

Something that’s really great about Sweden are the lack of natural disasters.
We don’t have any tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes or volcano eruptions. We may have some avalanches up in the north, but most swedes do not care about Norrland, since it’s like a far away country that do not belong to Sweden.

In the more southern parts of Sweden, we usually don’t have so much snow, if we have any at all, we have the global warming to thank for that.

But this year, we’ve had so much snow that some people have died and some people calls it a natural disaster. There’s been buildings that have collapsed, people who’ve driven out from the roads, stores, shops and school buildings have been shut down to prevent people from dying on their way to and at work.

So basically, we all should be fine as long as we stay inside our homes? But not even at home we’re free of danger. Tonight at my parents house in Alingsås, we’ve all been afraid that the roof would collapse above our heads. Luckily, some supernatural powers decided to let us live by increasing the temperature to +4c. So all the snow has fallen of the roof. However, now it’s impossible to park the car inside the garage…

It’s time to start shovelling!





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