The best sport in Sweden

21 02 2010

As you know a lot of swedish people are lazy, so I think the most common sport would be drinking beer or maybe TV zapping!?

Luckily, these sports go hand in hand with real sports like ice-hockey or football (not american football). If I were to guess I’d say that those two are the two most common sports in Sweden, but which one is the biggest?

I don’t really know but it’s probably football (like the rest of the world). However, of the two I prefer ice-hockey which also is the sport that’s been the most successive for sweden during the past with eight world championship gold medals.

For the moment the swedish team are playing in the winter olympic-games and they have good chances of winning! At least that’s what the swedes want’s to believe… Will they win or not, that’s something the future will decide!

At the top there’s a logo featuring the best ice-hockey team in Sweden, Frölunda Indians from Gothenburg! Click it to see the current players.





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