Those Who Fear

20 02 2010

One thing about swedes is their behavior while surfing the web or reading e-mails.
If I would send a mail to one of my friends that look like this, what do you think he would do with it, what would you do with it?


Hello dear friend!

I found a fantastic site with a lot of nice pictures. I’m sharing it with you since you are my best friend, check it out!

Have a nice day, hope to see ya soon!



I think most swedes wouldn’t press the link to the ”interesting site”. I mean c’mon, whats the big deal, what could happen? Sure, it might’ve been a site that tries to steal your password for facebook, credit-card numbers and more. But I’m your friend and all, and you still don’t trust me?

This is a common treat among swedes, always suspicious and scared for viruses, malware and phishing attacks.

Now for the final test, do you trust me enough to press the link?





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