The Real Deal

17 02 2010

Here in swden we have a lot of things, or words, that’s exclusive for our country.
Like I wrote yesterday, when students reaches the högstadium (upper primary school) a lot of them starts to smoke, take drugs, drink alcohol, sex and a lot of other nasty things that’s not suitable for small children.

The Swedish government decided to try to stop one of these in 1955, the alcohol, by founding Systembolaget (Systemcompany) which is the only store in sweden to sell my favorite beverage, beer… At least the real deal.

There are four different kinds of beer in sweden, and the first three is sold at the local food-stores.

Nonalcoholic beer, as the name implies this is a beer without alcohol. It doesn’t taste beer at all, I think it contains mostly water. It’s only drinkable if you’re in absolute need of beer and have to use a car in the close future.

Lättöl (Lightbeer), contains up to 2.25% alcohol and taste the same as the nonalcoholic beer, water. This beer is made for TV-commercials, since it’s against the law to make adverts for drinks containing more than 2.25% alcohol in Sweden. The only one who buys this kind of beer are small children who wants to be coll like the big boys.

Folköl, this beer doesn’t have any equivalent outside of sweden and therefore there’s not a english word for it. A direct translation could be ”people beer” or ”public beer”. Anyway, this beer contains 2.25 – 3.5% alcohol and is like the previous two sold at foodstores. But with one big difference, the buyer has to be 18 years old. The taste of it is a lot better than the nonalcoholic and light beer, but it still lacks the essence of normal beer. This is what I’d call an emergency beer, something that you buy at the foodstore if you’re in a hurry. It’s also a bit more expensive than normal beer.

Starköl (Beer), finally, we’ve reached the real deal! This is the beer that everyone knows and loves. It contains more than 3.5% alcohol with no top limit! It tastes terrific, it smells nice and it even feels nice to hold a botttle of it!

However, this is where things get difficult. Since there’s enough alcohol to get drunk from it, the evil lords of the systembolaget is the only ones who are alowed to sell it. Ok, that’s not a problem, I’m 18, I’ve reached my age of majority. However, that’s not enough! To buy this beer you’ll have to be 20! So I’m still treated like a child! I may be allowed to go to a pub and drink beer when I’m 18, but I can’t buy a beer for tonights football match!

What’s the point of reaching the age of majority if you’re not even treated as an adult?

If you think this is wrong, do like me and join the swedish facebook group ”18 on Systembolaget”

At last, i picture I took at the local church from last sunday showing my favorite beer:





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