Back in school!

16 02 2010

I’m back from the skiing trip in Åre which was absolutely fantastic! so now I’m Back in school. So I thought it might be wise to explain how the swedish schoolsystem works.

A lot of swedish people are very lazy. At our freetime we’re just spending time indoors alldaylong while watching TV, surfing the web,  eating pan-pizzas, drinking beer etc. I don’t really find this behaviour so strange, since there’s blizzards, freezing winds and polar bears outside of our houses. It’s simply not worth the effort to go outside when you live in these inhuman conditions.

This lazyness even reflects school. In sweden we start school when we’re 7 years old, which I think is far to late. It’s a waste of time if you ask me.

The compulsory school is divided in three steps:

Lågstadium, which is the first three years. In these three years you learn next to nothing, some simple math and the different letters.

Mellanstadium, covers the 4th to 6th grades. These years are a little bit more necesary. You’ll study a whole range of subjects, like english, geography, history and more advanced math involving multiplication and divition.

At last, Högstadium, the last three years that is compulsory. These three years covers the 7th to 9th grades. This is the place were people start to get realy lazy. The students precense in school get low as todays economy, and a lot of people tries out sex, drugs and rock n’roll (and o lot more) It’s just a big joke, nor serious school at all.

So that’s the compusory school. Which lately been critizised by one of the swedish parties, ”folkpartiet” who calls it the ”fuzzy school”. Hopefully they’ll be able to fix this problem in the future.

After the compulsory school you’ll have to possibility to start working as a cleaner, McDonalds employe, or something else that gives you next to nothing as your monthly salary.

Even thou people tend to be lazy most of us is smart enough to start the secondary school, gymnasiet.
This education is like  the previous, three years long but with one difference, you’ll have to choose what kind of education you want to focus at. I’ve chosen a nature/flight engineer orientation at Hässlögymnasiet, which teaches me all about aviation and science.

Even after going thru secondary school it’s nearly impossible to get a job, so the next step is university or college with is the same as in other countries.

But best of all about the swedish school, it’s all free!





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