Where do swedes travel?

10 02 2010

Since Sweden is a very cold country with too much snow, you might think that the people who live here is longing for some hot tropical weather. Most people do. But in some cases we swedes prefer to travel in our own country for some skiing in the cold, northern parts of sweden (read, above Gothenburg) where only wild, brutal animals dares to dwell.

This part of Sweden is called Norrland and is one of three collaterative provinces across the country. The other two, Svealand (Stockholm), and Götaland (Gothenburg) are about the same size as Norrland combined.

However, I’m one of those cold bastards who are about to go for a holiday in the ”land with no return”, and I’m going tomorrow. My classmates, Kevin and Malin will join me and a bunch of other people from my school.

So tommorow, seven in the morning, we’ll take a bus for a 640km (400miles) trip to the famous city of Åre. According to google maps the trip will take about eight and a half hour to get there, without any breaks. So I guess we’re going to spend most of the day in a boring bus.

Anyway, I’ll be back with some impresions about Åre when I’m there!





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