The End?

8 03 2010

Is this the end!? Yes it is. The weeks have gone by quickly and this part of my English C is coming to an end.

However, I have one last thing to talk about. Swedens maybe smallest but greatest car company, Koenigsegg.
Just a few months ago, they nearly bought one of our other, bigger car companies, Saab. But they never signed the deal.

Koenigsegg  was founded in 1994 by a swede named Christopher, no I mean Christian Von Koenigsegg. His goal was simple, he wanted to create a swedish supercar that could outperformance the fastest car at the time, the english made McLaren F1. His dreams came true in 2002 when he introduced the first street-legal Koenigsegg, the CC8S. At the launch, it was the fastest car that could be driven on the street thanks to it’s big 4.7 litre V8 motor with 655bhp and 752nm.

However, the german brand Bugatti created an even bigger monster which took down the CC8S from it’s throne. The Bugatti Veyron. Since then Koenigsegg hasn’t been able to create a faster car than the Veyron, which is the second fastest car today. They then released the CCR in 2004 which placed third in the competition. In 2007 Koenigsegg released an update of their old CCR called the CCXR with a monstrous engine, or what would you think of 4.8 litre V8 motor with 1018bhp and 1080nm?

But that’s not the most bad-ass model they have anymore…

At this years Car Motor Show in Geneve, Switzerland, Koenigsegg showed us their latest creation. The Agera.

The Koenigsegg team has done it once again! With a car that’s heavily based of the previous CCX but it’s lighter and has a improved engine with a top speed of 394km/h, 910bhp, 1098nm and it only weights 1287 kilos thanks to technique from airplanes like the petrol tank which is integrated in the chassis!

This is just small fragments of what Koenigsegg has accomplished during the launch since 1994. Who knows what they’ll come up with in the future?

And at last, thank you for coming to my blog, you’re always welcome to return. Who knows, I might write more entries?

Just to make sure, we don’t have any ice bears or penguins here, just a lot of snow. But maybe you’ve heard about the brutally dangerous Yeti? But let’s save that for another time.

//Christopher ”Alf” Alfredsson


Swedish Only

5 03 2010

Like most countries, Sweden has it’s own words that’s impossible to translate to another language since these things that the words describe probably only can be found in Sweden. Here’s some examples:

The Folköl – a special kind of beer that has between 2.8 – 3.5% of alcohol and only exists in Sweden.

Smörgåsbord – A Swedish style buffet with a lot of different types of traditional Swedish food. A rough translation would be Sandwichtable.

Smörgåstårta – Translates into Sandwich cake, but it has such a large amount of filling that it more resembles a cake.

Husmanskost – Swedish cuisine, all food that comes from Sweden.

And we could go on the entire day just writing about different Swedish bakery and dishes!

The Multicultural Sweden

1 03 2010

Here in Sweden, just as in any nation, we have our special
traits. However, it’s impossible to generalize a whole country, especially for Sweden which is a very multicultural country thanks to the high amounts of immigration. Some are against it, but if we didn’t have immigration, Sweden wouldn’t be the country it is today and most of us would still be eating meat with potatoes and brown sauce.

So I think it’s wrong to say that all Swedes loves sports, that all of us are blond, that we’re rich, good-looking and so on. It may have been easier to generalize like that back in the 50:s, but today it’s impossible to do something like that! Some of us likes sports, a few of us are blond, we’re practically unable to get rich because of high taxes and a small part of us are very good-looking. It’s like some of us Swedes thinks that all Mexicans wears sombreros, that Englishmen drinks tee at one o’clock or that all Americans eats McDonald’s four times every day. None of this is obviously true.

It’s just like the rest of the world, every individual is special in their own way and it’s a waste of time to believe the opposite. At least that’s my opinion.

Swedish sign in Swedish, English, Russian and Arabic.

The Real Face of Sweden

28 02 2010

The most northern countries in Europe are called ”The Nordic Countries”, which includes Denmark, Finland, Norway and of-course Sweden. As seen on the picture below with official borders:

But here in Sweden, especially in the middle of the country, we’ve long known that the official maps do not show where the real borders are located. First of all, Norrland the most northern part of Sweden do not belong to Sweden. It belongs to mother nature itself along with the bears and the snow. It’s also located above Stockholm, so it’s really not that interesting. Unless you want to die in an avalanche or freeze to death.

”We shall not disturb thou hungry beasts, but let them dwell by their own in the darkest woods.”

Quote from me, which proves that people shouldn’t even live up in the north.

Anyway, that explains why Norrland do not really belong to Sweden, but what about the most southern parts of Sweden?

Down there, especially in Malmö Sweden’s 3:rd biggest city, they think that they belong to Denmark!? They even have their own flag, which is a mix between Swedens and Denmarks flag! The name of this southern part is Scania.

The reason for this goes way back to the 16th century, 1525 to be correct,  when Sweden and Denmark were at war.

The farmers were very unpleased with the Swedish king, maybe for high taxes, low salaries, bad food or low mobile reception. I guess they all had their own reasons to do a very bad decision. They betrayed the Swedes and fought for the Danes!

They would soon realize their mistakes, or at least their children would. In 1664 the Swedish king decided to take back what belonged to him. After a violent battle with a lot of dead people, and an after work beer, Sweden could finally claim Scania as their own! However, even today a lot of people in Scania still believes that they live in Denmark! Should we call them Danes or Swedes?

Just so you know, if you want to talk about Scania with a Swede, I don’t really know why you would, use the swedish name Skåne, you don’t want to mix it up with the famous truck brand…

Mother Natures Fury

27 02 2010

Something that’s really great about Sweden are the lack of natural disasters.
We don’t have any tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes or volcano eruptions. We may have some avalanches up in the north, but most swedes do not care about Norrland, since it’s like a far away country that do not belong to Sweden.

In the more southern parts of Sweden, we usually don’t have so much snow, if we have any at all, we have the global warming to thank for that.

But this year, we’ve had so much snow that some people have died and some people calls it a natural disaster. There’s been buildings that have collapsed, people who’ve driven out from the roads, stores, shops and school buildings have been shut down to prevent people from dying on their way to and at work.

So basically, we all should be fine as long as we stay inside our homes? But not even at home we’re free of danger. Tonight at my parents house in Alingsås, we’ve all been afraid that the roof would collapse above our heads. Luckily, some supernatural powers decided to let us live by increasing the temperature to +4c. So all the snow has fallen of the roof. However, now it’s impossible to park the car inside the garage…

It’s time to start shovelling!

The Great Music of Sweden

27 02 2010

Sweden is widely known for it’s exceptional music qualities. When somebody mentions Sweden while talking about music, most people comes to think of ABBA, an aged music group that were very famous in the dark ancient times, namely the 70’s. They became famous with their entry in 1974s Euro-vision Song Contest, Waterloo. The band was brutally shattered in 1983 when people finally realized that AC/DC was better to listen to.

Here’s a video showing ABBA – Lay All Your Love On Me:

I guess nobody who just listened to this song for the first time would be impressed. But have in mind that the song is 30 years old… That’s why I’m also posting a great cover on the same song from one of my favourite bands, Avantasia. Can you hear the magnificent difference?

However, I’m not writing this to complain on ancient Swedish music, instead I’m going to tell about all the new music that is worth listening to.

First off, I’m not the guy who likes the pop-music playing on the radio everyday. I’m more like an ”outsider” who prefers the music from the deepest and darkest depths of Sweden.

In Europe’s heavy-metal capital, Gothenburg, a lot of great band are born.
Here’s some well-known examples, click them for a link to a music-video:

Dark Tranquility
Dead by April
Evergrey (Favourite band)
Hardcore Superstar
In Flames

And that’s just some of my favourites! However, Gothenburg isn’t Europe’s heavy-metal capital just for it’s fantastic bands. It’s for the all the amazing concerts . I took a look at one of Sweden’s biggest ticket reseller, ticnet, and found out that if I were to pay for all the concerts I wanted to go to it would cost me  about 20 000 Swedish crowns (2000 Euro) this year! That doesn’t include food or travelling fee’s!

So basically, Gothenburg really is the best city in whole Sweden, maybe even Europe?


21 02 2010

We’ve got a lot of different bakery specialities in sweden, one of the is the negerbollar (negroballs).
Since they have a name that isn’t so nice they’re nowadays more often called chocklateballs.

Last day I baked  those balls and they went out really well!

Here’s the recipe:

100 g butter
3/4 dl sugar
3 tbs cacao
2 tsp vanillasugar
3 dl rolled oats
2 tbs cold coffee

Mix everything in a bowl and roll small balls in your hands, cover the ball with nib sugar by rolling it on a plate. Then it’s done!

At last a clip from an ancient swedish film showing the difficulties with the pastries name: